stop replacing mirrors with ‘you look fine’ signs i know i look fine that’s why i want to look in the mirror


meeting peoples moms for the first time is so intimidating because i cant tell if theyre a strict mom or a laid back mom and as i ride in their car i have to slowly figure out what breed of mom they are


I just want to thank pasta for being a part of my life

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After 10 years of hearing kitchen, sandwich, driving, fake geek girls, being physically weak, and PMS Jokes. I do not care about hurting the feelings of boys with (stereotypically masculine) jokes.


part 23/?

Zayn Malik appreciation post

Harry | Louis | Niall | Liam | One Direction | Where We Are Tour


I was going to get mad at everyone in my art class for wasting expensive paint but then I got distracted by how pretty it was

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2014 means that someone better step the fuck up and date me already